Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Knicks blow and it is complete genius. It discusses how one of the worst owners in basketball history is running a presitigious franchise, the New York Knicks, into the ground by one bad move after the next.Starbury, The Franchise, Baby Shaq, Q-Ross. Sounds like a bunch a selfish people that dont know how to play a team sport. But hey, Larry Brown believes that it doesnt matter what positions they play, as long as you have the best available talent. On that note, Isiah Thomas and Co. might want to ship every last Knickerbocker somewhere else, because they cleraly don'y have that. There alleged best player? "Starbury" doesnt sound like a leader to me. And they cant even try to weasel their way out of this hole. They are paying 4 people over 15 million per year in 2006-2007 and it isn’t anyone worth that kind of money: Marbury, Francis, Jalen Rose, and "the human injury," Allan Houston. Houston gets 20 million to sit on his ass icing his plaguing injuries night and day while his butler feeds him grapes off a gold platter.So maybe draft picks are the best way out, find some new talent, maybe get lucky. Oh wait, you shipped away your draft pick for Eddy "Baby Shaq" Curry for the Chicago Bulls. Examine the trade, Curry saw his averages in blocks and scoring go down, while rebounding stayed about even. But Chicago gets the 2nd pick in this year's draft (although I don't think it will matter, see below) and the Phoenix Suns get Tim Thomas, who was Mr. Three-Pointer in the playoffs this year.And dont think at all that the Knicks will be able to salvage themselves very soon. By the end of the 2008-2009 season, Francis and Starbury will be the most expensive frontcourt in basketball, making a whopping 38 million combined. Too much money for two people that play the exact same way: small and selfish. And in 2007-2008, underachievers Quentin Richardson, Jamal Crawford, Malik Rose, and Jerome James will be making close to 30 million for riding the pine.I'm shocked that there have not been riots in the New York streets demanding that they do something about their poor Knicks or they will fire Isiah Thomas themselves. But James Dolan, the owner, sticks by his man, for unknown reasons. It’s not like the Knicks have been competitive or had good talent while he has been in New York.So what should Dolan be doing to fix this problem now?a) Look for free agentsb) Organize tryouts for possible draft targetsc) Discussing trades with other teams to improve in any wayd) Sending his lawyers to shut down because they made funny t-shirt with him in a dunce capIf you said a,b, or c, you were right.But guess which one he actually is doing?

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