Wednesday, May 30, 2007

NBA Finals

Mavericks versus Heat, the NBA Finals. Offense versus Offense. Probably 100 point games for both teams in all of the games. Possibly a seven game series. But the only reason I am watching is to watch the Mavs beat down Shaquille O'Neal.Even while he was in Los Angeles, I couldn't stand his baby behavior. He left town to make Kobe the villain in the situation, kicking out him and the Zen Master, but I was never on his side. Look at him, he is 50 pounds overweight while in L.A., moves to Miami, and somehow he loses the weight. He claims the coaches were telling him to do it in Miami, but do you think Jackson and Co. weren't preaching the same thing? He sat on his lazy ass for two years waiting for a pay raise, then cried his way all the way to South Beach. They threw him 20 million to play his game, but the Heat are in for a surprise when he retires in two years, especially if he wins the title this year. He leaves to the cushy life, and will screw another franchise, making the Heat pay his fat salary for two years of Shaq's Cheetos-eating, beer-drinking, ass-sitting life on the beach. He goes in front of the media and plays the funny man, but none of his fans realized that he is a complete baby and is about to ruin a Miami franchise that will be way over the salary cap. Shaq shows his stuff by complaining about Ben Wallace's amazing block by saying that "Everyone knows that was a foul, baby," denying a possible good play by a fellow athlete. He conceals his complaints and anger in witty jokes, and the media and fans soaks it up like a sponge, even though the only contact on the Ben Wallace play was Big Ben beating down an old hag. And now he claims Pat Riley is "the best coach I have ever played for." Is he out of his fathead? Phil Jackson with 9 rings, that's like two hands!!So lets move Raja Bell's comment to someone who deserves it."He is an arrogant and pompous jerk"

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