Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Smush Parker V.2

Hip Hip Hooray! He’s gone, he’s finally gone!The reign of Smush Parker has come to a magnificent end in Los Angeles, because it ends just how it never should have began. It’s like he took a paid sabbatical from being a hobo in New York to come play for the purple and gold, and now, we are sending him back home. He should thank the Lakers, because they are letting him get back to what he is best at: street ball with 17-year old high school dropouts at noon while everyone with half a brain is working a real job. He will probably try to live his life off the two years minimum salary he made, and when it runs out, well, there is always welfare!And he tried to make it seem professional. Please, William, please. You said the Lakers are going in a different direction than you. Of course they are! You won’t see Kobe Bryant on the corner of Times Square in July selling hot dogs to the kids standing outside of TRL. And despite my severe desire to see this, you won’t see Kwame Brown rolling down the center of the Bronx in 1986 Daihatsu hatchback with three minors in the back drinking cheap liquor. Instead, if you visit that side of NY, you will see one smushed NBA “player” trying to regain his glory on the blacktop, but he turned on his street buddies to go to the NBA, so why would they want him back?No, for those who don’t know much about the NBA, losing a player to homelessness isn’t bad for your reputation, and it wont hurt the Lakers in anyway. It just happens to be the happiest day in my life. He finally got what he deserved. The boot. And a pink slip.

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