Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Nba Finals pt. 2

In case everyone was deluged by all the World Cup racism issues, I have come to shed some light on the most important sporting event coming up tonight: NBA Finals Tip-Off. After mulling through the stats I have developed a simple comparison to determine who will win the cool trophy between Dallas and Miami. Offense: These two teams both have potent scorers that can put the ball in from a variety of places on the court. Nowitzki is deadly from anywhere inside the half-court line and Jason Terry and Josh Howard have both been smoking in the half and full court offense. When Howard scores 20+ points in a contest, the Mavs are 25-0. The Heat are the half-court Suns, they pound the ball inside with Shaq-fu and they cut with Dwayne Wade. If James Posey and Antoine Walker are on their game from the outside, watch out. Edge: Even Defense: In my humble opinion, this isn’t even close. Avery Johnson has brought a team that had sub par defense for many years under Don Nelson and has made them into a wall. They stopped the Phoenix Suns, who average like 100+ points per game, fairly easily. The Heat, on the other hand, play what I call matador defense: pull the cape out of the way and there is the hoop. The only way they stop the ball is with a lucky steal or Alonzo Mourning's ball swatting skills at the rim. But Nowitzki won't need to dribble if no one guards him at the land of Wingo. Edge: Dallas Coaching: Yes, Avery Johnson was the Coach of the Year and his team had the second best record in basketball, but Pat Riley is still a playbook wizard. He has coached in the playoffs countless more times than Johnson and is better at making mid-series adjustments (i.e. stopping Hinrich and Gordon, then Carter and Jefferson). As much as the Mavs might like playing for Avery, discipline gets it done when it comes down to it and Riley's bringing the whip. Edge: Miami Matchups: We all know that Shaquille is going to dominate DeSagana Diop and Erick Dampier down low, and probably cause 5-10 foul outs by himself. But the same can be said about Nowitzki being guarded by Udonis Haslem, because Haslem will get lit up like a cigar Games 1-7 by the German. I also like Josh Howard against James Posey or Antoine Walker due to the duo's consistent laziness on defense that will leave Howard open for many cuts into the lane. In the backcourt, "Flash" is going to blow by Stackhouse, but that shouldn’t be a shocker. And Jason Terry is going to be huge in this series, the X-factor if you will, toasting White Chocolate daily. Edge: Dallas Bench: The Mavs use youth and quickness off the bench top rattle the opponents. Devin Harris and Marquis Daniels are going to take advantage of the aging Heat. Keith Van Horn is going to need to produce like he did in the Western Conference Finals to give the Mavs another scoring option. The Heat have got a lot of years coming off the bench in Gary Payton, Derek Anderson, Antoine Walker, and Alonzo Mourning. Maybe this bunch of seniors will return to their primes for this series. Edge: Dallas Decision: Yes, I know the Mavericks have many newcomers to real playoff basketball, playing in 430 combined playoff games compared to the Heat's 753, but I dont think that is what will matter here. The Heat look good but they might be running near empty, because Shaq can not posterize forever, he is aging and so is his senior-citizen team, save Wade. It looks like its going to be first to 100 points wins each game, and I like the fresh Dallas team over the older Miami squad. Pick: Dallas in six

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